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Low bandwidth suggestions


The SDG 6 Data Portal contains more than 200 different datasets and hundreds of thousands of individual data points. Users with a slow internet connection (low bandwidth) may experience delays when trying to display or download many data points at once.

In case you are experiencing delays, these actions can help:

  • Select less data at once

    The more data points, the more bandwidth is required. Therefore, wherever you are in the portal, first try to reduce the number of data points selected. For example, select only one or a few indicators, or only one or a few countries or regions (blue selection pane on the left hand side). You can also reduce the time series by selecting only the latest year with data (checkbox next to the timeline, bottom right corner).

  • Smart download

    Across the portal you can download maps, charts and tables on a number of different file formats (by clicking on the download icon next to them). JPG and PNG formats are less detailed (lower image resolution) than the other options available, but still sufficient for most uses and require less bandwidth to download.

    When downloading ‘Indicator snapshots’, ‘Region snapshots’ and ‘Country (or area) snapshots’, select ‘Word document’ format and ‘Web quality’ resolution, which requires less bandwidth than the other options available. You can also download snapshot maps, charts and tables one by one.

    Instead of downloading a map, chart, table or snapshot, you can also take a screenshot of it.

  • Stay with simple map on ‘Maps’

    On ‘Maps’ you can display data for all countries (and areas), but only for one indicator and one year at once. Given these default limitations, ‘Maps’ should work well also under low bandwidth conditions.

    There are different types of maps available, and if you have bandwidth problems, make sure to use the default ‘Simple’ map.

  • Start with few data points in ‘Charts’

    In ‘Charts’ you can display data for all countries (and areas), regions or the world, for one or more indicators and one or more years, at once. Due to all these options, it is easy to end up with a very heavy chart. If you have bandwidth problems, start by selecting only one indicator, for only one or a few countries or regions.

    There are different types of charts available, ‘Line’, ‘Bar’ and ‘Column’ charts require less bandwidth than the other available options.

  • Download data in ‘Tables’ and make own charts offline

    Displaying data in ‘Tables’ generally requires less bandwidth. In ‘Tables’ you can download the data and make your own maps, charts and tables offline, e.g. through QGIS and Excel.

  • Browse the portal during off-hours

    If you have the possibility to use the data portal during times when fewer people are using internet, for example in the evening, you may benefit from increased bandwidth (depending on your internet provider).

We are continuously working on improving the portal’s responsiveness and to make it more user-friendly. In case you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us on monitoring@unwater.org